Monday, August 25, 2008

Wish I was there...

Above is a pic of Brianero (blue and orange jersey) at last weekend's Kruger's Kermesse taken by Sue Hanna. Looked like a lot of fun. Not sure if it was or not...but it looked great. By the way have you ever seen a rider so intensely gazing at another competitor's rear end? And does anyone else think that he must have taken a spill judging by the angle that his right shifter is sitting at?

Also, I was sent a t-shirt from CycleOps for doing some online training. It reads "The POWER of Argyle" on the front. I like it. Good thing I lost weight or it wouldn't fit. Yea for Swag! But I never thought much before about argyle's power. I mean usually I reserved argyle for socks and sweaters, but whatever...If a pro team can rock the argyle it must be cool, or something like that.

Husbands, if you want you wives to appreciate you take a hit and go see Mama Mia. Sure it was dumb and my man-card was almost ripped in half, but now Bridget is in a great mood. Since she is 8 1/2 months pregnant, her being in a good mood is a really good thing.


Brianero said...

That was a really hard race. Very bumpy, very dusty. And yes, your keen eye does not deceive you, some idiot swung wide on a 90 degree corner and then apexed back into the paceline. Folks, do not do this. I implore you, as it is bad racing, bad form and simply rude. You will inevitably hit someone's front wheel and cause a wipeout. I've got a nice divot out of my knee and a powerful bruise as well. Interesting in that the results do not mention the massive attrition in all categories. We started with nearly 30 and finished with, what, 14 or so? I'm not looking forward to the next one. Kruger's is always just pure power and zero technique.

Mr. Flynn said...

Hey, where's the Lapierre? Oh wait it is in it rightful place against the wall near the bathroom at the shop.