Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Here are some recent observations:

Marinated Sundried Tomatoes sort of look like they belong in a bio-waste can for surgeons. I am thinking that my appendix that was removed last year probably looked a lot like a marinated sundried tomato.

SportLegs. I have my doubts about these things, but I guess I believe in them enough for them to work. I woke up a couple of times with leg cramps last night. And my legs just felt dead. I took the recommended dosage this morning before swimming and have had no problems since. Placebo effect? Possibly.

Seeing 188.8 on the scale rocks. 5 pounds to go.

Riding and swimming enough to eat Otis spunkmeyer cookies and Arby curly fries the day before reading 188.8 on the scale for the first time.

I want to care more about the Olympics, but I just don't for some reason. Gone are the days of my youth when I watched every bit of the Olympics that I could regardless of the sport. Perhaps this will change once the games start. But then I thought that about this year's TdF and I never caught the fever.

Shimano has a long hill to climb before I am interested in either their carbon fiber Dura Ace Crankset or the Dura Ace electronic shifting. $1400 for a crankset--PASS. I don't know what the up charge will be for the electronic shifting upgrade, but I am sure it will be too much for me. The older I get the more of a Retro-grouch I become.

Have I said before that tubulars for cross is awesome before? Amazing difference. I tried them for the first time this year and I can't believe what a difference they make for descending--no pinch flats and they grip better in turns. Climbing is much better as well because I can run lower pressure and so traction is better. The only downside would be the ability to fix a flat. I have the Tufo tire sealant in them and so far so good.

Working retail blows.

Looking for a job blows.

Indecisive employers blow. I am still waiting to hear back regarding a job 2 months after the interview. This is despite being in communication with the firm every week and a half to two weeks. To me this is just poor form. Just grow a pair and tell me you don't want to hire me if you aren't interested. Seriously, what is so hard about this whole deal? Crap or get off the pot.

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