Friday, August 8, 2008

Neuvation wheels

I just got these in. I have not ridden them yet. 1470 grams on my scale with stickers. I removed the stickers, which weighed approximately 10 grams so on the scale. Thus the weight of these wheels is 1460. And for less than 250 bucks. The cassette is super quiet. I was very used to the sound of the DT 240 hub which makes a sound somewhat akin to the angry bee sound that the Chris King wheels are famous for. The silence is weird.

Pics with stickers:

And the wheels without the sticker. I can understand having you company name on the rims, but 4 huge stickers was a little too much. The stickers came off very easy.

And just for fun, here is a gratuitous shot of my legs. Quads are getting bigger. I had the camera handy and I couldn't help myself this morning.

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