Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Neuvation Noise Final Update

I lubed/greased the axle/spindle thingy that the freehub body revolves around. The noise is totally gone. I will keep track of how many miles it takes for it to return.

Silence is nice.


Erwann said...

Hi, I think I might be having just the same issue with a rear Neuvation hub...terribly loud creaking/grinding almost throughout the entire pedal cycle...again no sound when I replaced the wheel with a friend's...so basically a hub disassemble/regreasing fixed this, or was it coming from the cassette body splines?


Mr. Flynn said...

I pulled the hub apart which is done by a couple of 5 mm wrenches I think. Pull the cassette body off (not just the cassette) and lube the axle piece. Liberally. That is all that it took for me. John at Neuvation was quick to tell me what to do if you have issues after doing this.

Good Luck!