Saturday, August 2, 2008


Retail brings out morons in all of us sometimes. As a lowly worker I get so see all sorts of stuff that is surprising even to me.

Today this woman brings in a bike that she would like to return. She has had it for about 4 months and never taken out of her garage. Instead, it just sat there collecting dust while inside her house she felt bad about buy such a bike. The bike is a GT Marathon Carbon with XTR components and a host of other sweet bits. It wasn't like she bought it because of some wild hair she had. No, she contemplated it and then special ordered it. The bike took a week or two to arrive. All along the way she could have bailed on the purchase. Nope, she wanted it and by all reports was super excited. After purchasing it she even came in several other times to buy this or that. In other words, if she didn't want it she could have returned it before now. Now we have a bike that will soon have to be discounted as the 2009 will be here in a few months. It is an odd size so it will be hard to sell this $3000 bike to anyone other than a woman. And we don't get many women that want to spend that much on a mountain bike. Road bikes, yes, mountain bikes, no.

Rumor has it that she bought the bike because she had the hots for our store's manager. She wanted him to show her some trails. He never did, never wanted to, and he says he never told her he would. She is nuts. Of course we took the bike back, but Joel was not very happy about it.

Of course, here at RCMT, we have our favorite moron--DTP. He also stopped in the shop today as well. He picked up his Fisher 293 which had its cable and housing replaced, and a Crank Bro's Joplin seatpost. He thought I was going to make fun of him for buying a $200 seatpost that weighs over twice as much as his old one. I said no--I am only going to make fun of him for not riding this year. Dude was fast last year. Now he has gained about 20 lbs since last summer. Seriously--no exaggeration. I didn't really have the heart to tease him. It is just sad. All that work last year to get in shape only to lose it all in a matter of months. Moron. Back in December he was talking about doing a full Ironman this fall. So much for that.

Then there is some shop around town that sold a woman a mountain bike with 24 inch wheels. She is short, but not that short. She is about 5 feet tall. We have bikes that would fit her and are also full sized. The handlebars on that bike are way low for her and she puts too much weight on her hands. This causes her pain and so she doesn't ride it. An extra small sized frame in a full size bike would have come with handlebars about 8 inches to a foot higher than what her bike has. Just looking at it all of us at the shop could all tell that the bike was too small for her. Luckily, this shop is out of business so no worries about this happening again.

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