Friday, August 15, 2008

And by the way...188.0 lbs

This weight comes after eating a big fatty sausage and cole slaw from a Bavarian Deli on the way to the shop, lunch/dinner at Baja Fresh and eating 2 tacos and a family size portion of chips and salsa, a Box of Fiddle faddle (butter toffey flavor), 4 bowls of Bran Flakes with 2% milk (normally I do skim, but we were out). I think I ate other stuff too, but I can't recall. I think there may have been a peanut butter sandwich mixed in there some where too.

Moral of the story: If you exercise enough, it is possible to lose weight even if you eat poorly. Now, if I had managed to eat better I probably would have dropped another pound. But seeing as how I am already under my target weight for this month I wasn't even planning on losing any weight at all this week. I have been taking the week off from worry about what I eat. Thus this morning's weigh in was a complete surprise.

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