Thursday, June 9, 2011

That was then, This is now

I am in my 3rd week of training for my November Ironman. I stress at my ability to fit everything into my schedule. For the first 13 weeks of my training I am following a plan for a Half Ironman distance. At the end of the plan I should be ready to do that race. Instead at the end of that I will be switching to a 13 week plan for a full Ironman. The progression seems to be appropriate between the two plans. Still, I have been concerned about being able to do the scheduled training so that I can finish a 2.4 mile swim followed by a 112 mile bike ride and finally a 26.2 mile run.

Then I looked at my preparation for the Half IM in 2009. Other than having a long runs being longer (a 12 mile long run compared to a 7 mile long run currently) a few weeks prior to the event, I am already doing what I was then. My weekly training total was probably 10 hours on average for that event and this week I will hit the same amount of time.

I would say that I was probably under prepared for that event and still it went fine. My workouts for the 2009 event were very loosey-goosey. It seems like I just threw in weekly runs or swims when my work schedule allowed for it. I have been much more regimented this time, again mainly out of fear. My plan has helped calm my fears because I have faith that if I train as specified in them I won't die out there (figuratively, not literally). Fear is a good motivator for me. But seeing that I was able to perform adequately enough to finish the Half Ironman on such a half-arsed training plan has given me some additional confidence.

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in November.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 3 begins

Today is the beginning of the 3rd of 26 weeks of training for my November Ironman. I am still tring to work out the specifics on how best to integrate the training regimine, work and family.

This morning I woke up at 5:30 and was at the gym at 6am but that just barely allowed me enough time to swim for 45 minutes, change and drive to the Sunset Transit Center and find a spot to park. From there I catch the MAX into downtown Portland. I have learned that all of the parking spot are pretty much gone by 7:15AM. I was there at 7:10 and there were only about a dozen spots left. This means I gotta get up earlier so I don't have to stress about it

Today's work out was 45 minutes of swimming and 45 minutes running. I'll do the running during lunch today.

This week is not that hard of a week. I'll bike to work and back tomorrow; hour swim and hour run on Wednesday; bike to work and back on Thursday; 75 minute run on Friday; an hour swim and 2+ hour bike on Saturday. Off Sunday. However eventually my long days will be quite long. 6 hour bike rides... 90 minute swims with a 3+ hour run....

It isn't too hard now to get up with the long days, but I am sure it will be challenging to do so this fall. Anyway, the adventure continues....