Friday, August 15, 2008

Going to Black Butte Ranch this Weekend

...and the bikes coming with me are the Fuji CF2 and the Curtlo Cross bike. The Fuji has a new set up for triathlons that I am going to try out. If it works I will have my old Vision base bars and Profile Carbon Stryke Aerobars up for sale (both used just once in a race and a few practice rides before). More on that later when I get back.

The Curtlo SS with the Ebb that hates me is staying home. That EBB creaks so bad it would simply drive me nuts on any length of ride. I have not yet been able to devote sufficient time to exercise its demons. But I will. I spent about 3 hours this week narrowing it down to where I am sure that it is the EBB. So now I just have to fix it. But not now, I just don't have the time before we leave.

Also, I have an illogical desire to do a long distance mtb event next year. I have thought about the Cascade Creampuff 100 and the Leadville 100. I think Leadville might be easier but there is that whole elevation thing. 12000'+ is probably a lot to swallow when you live at 500. The Creampuff has about 1/3 more climbing total. I think it has around 16000 feet of climbing total over the 100 miles. Ouch. Still, as I was relating to Fish, I think I would rather do that than do a full Ironman distance triathlon. I just don't have much desire at all to do one of those. One Half-Ironman per year is enough for me.

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions about similar events to the Creampuff and Leadville I would be interested. They need to be west of the Continental Divide.


Kristin said...

>Also, I have an illogical desire to do a long distance mtb event next year.

I had this same thought recently...

Mr. Flynn said...

I really just need someone to goad me on a bit. So at least I am not alone here. But Kristin I know you are crazy because of some of the rides you do already.

But it would be cool for a group of us to go. Ok, so anyone else? Mr. Spears? Maybe I could bribe you with a mega hook up on a mtb in exchange for some company out there? Not that you could do it with the Korean War Machine.

Of course, Fish should do one of these. You are the Diesel. You can go forever man.