Monday, August 11, 2008

Cycling Shins

As every dedicated cyclist knows when the sun comes out the legs get darker. At least some parts get darker. Some parts of a cyclist just don't get as tan as other parts. My legs are a good example of this. Again here is a frontal view of my legs:

Here is a calf shot:

A cursory glance at these ugly things reveals that the front of my legs are still pretty darn white. Meanwhile the side and back of my legs are fairly tan while from the knees up to where the shorts come down are the darkest. Someone needs to come up with an invention to solve the problem of cycling shins so that the color of ones legs is more uniform.

So I am thinking that Sidi needs to take up this cause. They make great shoes-- I know this as I have a pair of Dominators and Genius 5's already. For it to work and sell the shoes would have to be sleeker than a simple mirror on the top of the shoe. If the shoe could just incorporate the reflectiveness into the upper part of the shoe it could be stylish and useful for solving this important problem. After all if they can produce something as gaudy as this, the Sidi Ergo 2...

...they should have no problem coming up with something that will reflect the sun's rays back up to our shins.

Wait a second....

Maybe they already beat me to the punch here! Those incredible Italians may have already solved this problem! I believe that the shoe above may have the desired effect to counteract the dreaded cycling shins. That must be why they retail for $500. Yeah, why else would they cost so much and be so gaudy? Those Italians--pure genius.

I should check this out, stat. Cycling shins, NO MORE!

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