Friday, August 8, 2008

Adsense Revenue

So I have a few Google Adsense ads on the sidebar. I put them there mainly just to see if anything ever worthwhile comes up. So far the most interesting thing to me was a link to Lynskey for their cyclocross frameset. That was a pretty cool frameset that I would be happy to have in my possession. For the most part though, the ads that show up are fairly worthless in my opinion. I suppose I could someday receive a paycheck from having them on this blog, but I suspect that this event won't happen until about 2020 or so. The reason is that in the 10 months or so that this blog has been up and running with adsense ads I have earned exactly $1.71. They don't cut you a check until you hit $100. Sweet.

Here is a snip of the stats, kind of amusing I think:

Frankly, I don't care if anyone clicks on the ads or not. I just like seeing what shows up on the ads. But if you see anything you like please click. Otherwise I may die before I get that $100 check. As of right now it is the only retirement fund I have going.

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