Friday, August 8, 2008

Manitou Minute 29er Fork is in, but...

So far after just a bit of street riding on it and hitting a few curbs the review is mixed.

The fork feels great. I think it will feel good on the trail.

But it sounds bad. With the absolute damper on it makes a loud clicking noise whenever the fork has to work initially. According to what I can find it is because of platform damper shutting off and on. Very annoying. It may drive me nuts. If unsolved it may drive me to a new Reba even if the fork feels great. I am a bit nuts about my bike sounding quiet.

Also the blue knob on the bottom of the right fork leg does absolutely nothing. It just spins and spins and does not make the fork feel any different at all. If this is supposed to be a rebound damper it is not doing its job. Luckily I think the fork will feel pretty good without any adjustment to rebound. The Absolute damper which is at the top of the right fork leg when it is set at two clicks in feels pretty good. Still, I will be calling the guys at HB/Manitou to ask them what the deal is.

Pics soon--I just am not in the mood to go take any pics right now.

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