Saturday, August 23, 2008

Realizing I have Two Personalities and Neuvation Wheel Update

I thought I worked earlier than I was actually scheduled so I went out and rode from work for a couple of hours. I rode areas I have never ridden before and it was interesting. I was only going to ride for maybe 90 minutes or so but I found that I wound up pushing the point at which I was going to turn around out further and further. I was originally just going to ride 20 miles. I planned on turning around at the 10 mile mark and then riding back to the shop so that I would have time to eat and work on my bike a bit. It was making noises and I had thought it was my bottom bracket or something. It wasn't but it was instead the rear wheel, which I will get to in a bit.

Anyway, At the 10 mile mark I was going pretty good and I thought I would just go further. This sort of thing often happens to me on a solo out-n-back ride. I feel pretty good and so I just keep going. I have decided that it is like I have two different riders in me on these out and back solo rides. The First Half Guy (FHG) and Second Half Guy (SHG) don't really like each other. FHG gets to place the order and then Second Half Guy has to pay the bill. That happened last Tuesday for sure in Central Oregon on the 69 mile ride. FHG went out fast and rode hard to the top of Mckenzie Hwy, leaving very little "capital" for SHG to use to get back to home. In fact, SHG suffered and barely made it back because he was paying for the fun that FHG had without him putting any capital (food) back into the energy account. That is often the case, FHG uses up more his fair share of the energy available and so SHG suffers. I am pretty sure that FHG likes to make SHG suffer. I strongly suspect that FHG goes longer than he should just to piss off SHG. I guess he thinks it will be good to make SHG suffer for some reason. Something about getting stronger.

It may be weird to write as if there are these two other individuals in me. But when I am riding by myself I am often wonder if I am riding too far, if I will be able to make it back in time, will I have enough energy to make it back, etc. I often push it because I want to be a better, stronger ride. I realize that I may at some point or points bemoan the fact that I rode so far away from home, but I often just figure that the suffering will be good for me. It is sort of masochistic, that a little bit of masochism is a good thing in this regard.

Well enough randomness.

The Neuvation R28 SL5 wheelset has hit a serious snag. The internals of the rear hub creak really bad. I am a pedal masher and I wonder if I am just too strong for them (that would be cool--too strong for a bike part instead of too fat). Spinning at a high cadence is not something that I like to do. Anyway it may be possible that I am just too much of a masher for these wheels. Either that or the rear hub is crap. Or maybe a bit of both. I gotta email them Monday to see what the solution is. I have only had them for a little more than 2 weeks I think. They have 250 miles on them or so. They should hold up better than this, obviously. I put a different rear wheel in and the sound went away. It sounds like the hub is going to give way. It is most evident when I am climbing or generally just giving it some significant power. I noticed that when the wheel was replaced with another wheel (a Cane Creek Strados) that there was quite a bit less flex in addition to a quieter bike. So even disregarding the creak issue, perhaps these wheels are not more me. Anyway, I am a bit disappointed in the wheels. But, perhaps I am nuts but I feel a certain amount of pride that I can trash the hub so quickly. Maybe I am just a hammer. Maybe I am going to have to get myself some Mavic R-Sys wheels after all...

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