Monday, August 11, 2008

Manitou/Curtlo Update + Today's Swim Workout

the knocking is still there is doesn't bother me much. My creaking bb or ebb, yeah that bugs a lot.

I was amazed at how much faster I rode down one very familiar little trail compared to usual. Wow, so nice on the hands too. I had to learn who to ride fairly loose on downhills when I was riding rigid for the past two years. Not so much now. In fact I may have to hold on tighter because I feel like I am going so much faster.

I'll say this about riding rigid. I am sure that it made me a better rider. I pick lines better and so forth.

I am still investigating the creaking noise. I tore the ebb, the crankset (including all the ring and bashguard so I could lube the chainring bolts), and the bb and lubed everything with a combination of lithium-based grease and Phil's Tenacious Oil. The creak was still there when I put it all back together. So I took it to the shop and asked the real mechanics, Neil and Lane to take a look at it. Neil suspected that I didn't have the ebb wedge bolt tight enough. We'll see if they can figure it out. I have faith that one of the two of them will figure it out.


Warmup laps
Five 100's each @ 2:15
30 seconds rest
Four 100's each @ 2:10
30 seconds rest
Three 100's each @ 2:05
30 seconds rest
Two 100's each @ 2:00
30 seconds rest
One 100 at 1:55
Twelve 25's for cool down doing a low stroke count exercise.

I started too fast. I was doing the first set between 1:45 and 1:48 and then I stayed at between upper 1:40's and 1:55 for the rest of the time. I should have just focused on negative splits. I probably should have started the sets doing 1:55 times for each 100 (and still had 20 seconds of rest after each 100 on the first set of 100's), but I was too competitive. I was trying to keep up with those that are faster than me and I had too back off, albeit too late. I couldn't fully recover. Still, doing a 1:55 as my slowest lap isn't too bad.

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