Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Team ButterCup Uni's

I don't think anyone will mind, but here is the design for our cyclocross team uni's.

Packfodder Jim likes it because it doesn't look like we take ourselves too seriously. I just think it nice and different. We will definitely be easy to spot out there. The goal is to have these by the USGP in Portland and then the Nationals in Bend.

The "HUP" on each side is for our rallying cry of "Hup! Hup! ButterCup!"

1 comment:

jimbo said...

well, that's the basic design concept anyway. There are a few minor details that will change on the finished proof. It will look even better!
I'm glad that everyone liked them, woulda sucked if I had to start all over again!