Friday, September 11, 2009


A shotgun blast of random thoughts:

Somebody please tell Robert Smith of the Cure to give up the old look. It is painful to watch him. There was a concert being shown in HD on cable tonight. I really like the Cure's music, but he was just, I don't know what he is, but it is ugly. I love ya Robert, but're pushing 50. Time to give up the rats-nest hair, and messy make up look. And the baggy clothes can't hide the fact that your are packin' extra under there buddy. With the HD...woof. Scary stuff.


Tomorrow is the first cross race of the season. I had a marvelous pre-race dinner tonight at the Back-To-School bar-b-q. Hamburger, Doritos and then later some peanut butter toast and an ice cream cone. At least I ate healthy the rest of the day.


Speaking of the cross race tomorrow...I wasn't even nervous about it at all until PackFodder Jim and Marcelo started in about how they hadn't slept well in a few days, how Jim was considering wearing a pre-race diaper to guard against incontinence (he getting up there as he likes to tell people), and Marcelo worrying about rolling a tire. Man, I am already resigned to sucking it up tomorrow. I had been worried, more like sort of excited in a subdued manner. I know that both of them are going to kill me--this is not my sort of course. It will be really hilly. Give me a flat course and I will do ok, like at the Veloshop race and Barton course last year. I blame my gut.


My Cernitz, the Buttercup, is nearing completion. Just some filing and sanding left I think. Time for paint soon. I think I have it pretty well figured out. The Mule is next up, the disc only monster-cross-commuter frame.


Oh, and a shout out to guys who use yard work and their families to consistently get out of riding and everything else. Seriously guys...Are We Not Men!?!? Can't we men of the married-type occasionally all assert ourselves so that we can go out and be men without our women and children? Can't we all just tell our spouses that no we need a personal day to maintain our sanity? I don't mean that this has to happen every weekend, but perhaps once over the course of the year? The conversations, emails, or text messages go like this with one particular friend:

ME: "Hey, xxx (name withheld to protect the guilty) wanna go for a ride Saturday morning?"

xxx, "Yeah, sounds good, that would be great, what time?" (Plans are then made.)

Then the night before the ride, usually around 11pm, I get this text from xxx,

"Are you awake?"

ME, "Yep, what's up?"

xxx, "Sorry gotta mulch my yard/pick the lice off my children/floss my dog's teeth/I am too tired/etc. so I can't go tomorrow. But let's try again in a couple of weeks."

There is always the initial interest with a half commitment, followed by a disengagement later in the week. It is very much like Charlie and Lucy with the football. I being Charlie Brown to his Lucy. Yet, I persist in inviting this person occasionally. Why? Because I know he loves bikes. And he is generally a great person to be around. But seriously, dude needs to put the smack down and get out.

I have considered the possibility that he just doesn't want to ride with me. But I can't fathom that anyone wouldn't want to ride with me. I am so damn entertaining that this is unlikely.

And I need to change the subject...


Why does it take Mavic 3 weeks (so far) to process an order for a stupid set of wheels? I am getting pissy about this. They don't make it easy to contact whoever does the E.P.'s either.


I am done complaining. At least until tomorrow after the race.

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