Friday, September 18, 2009

Hood River Double Cross: Pre Race Mulling

1) Why do I bother driving 71 miles to do a 45 minute race? Really a 142 miles just for 45 minutes and pain and suffering? Well, because it is cross...what other reason is there?

2) I have approximately lost another pound this week. I will be in the solid 191 range tomorrow morning probably. Last week the morning of the race I was just under 193. So, it has been a good week for eating and training. Hopefully results will bear this out.

3) I do believe that Mr. Packfodder will kick my butt again tomorrow. I hope that I can make it closer than the last race.

4) My lungs feel pretty good right now. Which figures since I finally have gone to see the doctor and I have some seriously comprehensive asthma test next week for which I will undoubtedly feel great for. I sort of hope I don't so they can figure out what is wrong. My lungs feel great for a time and then I hit a bad streak. It seems random. Hopefully, something gets figured out so I can manage it better. Racing is so much easier when you can breathe.

5) I am tired but I am sort of excited and so I don't wanna go to bed. Going to sleep is really what I need though....where is my discipline? I think she went to bed about a half an hour ago. Ha!

6) This week I did some hill climbing in Forest Park. I felt really good. But last night during my commute home my left knee was in some pain. My knees usually don't bug me. Again today, a couple of times I felt some oddness in that area. Not sure what the deal is. Hopefully, all is well. I didn't ride today to give everything a rest. My lower back was also letting me know it needed a rest.

7) My Curtlo is on its fourth season of racing. Man, is it sweet. It looks sort of rough in places. I don't clean it as often as I used to. I am still picky about creaks. There are none, thankfully. My drivetrain is the best it has ever been functionally and ergonomically. The bike is differently in its best iteration yet.

8) I know very little about the course tomorrow. I just know that it typically has singletrack. I am excited and hope that it is sketchy and that people are scared. That sort of course helps me out typically and makes up for my fatness.

9) Alright, I am going to bed. Or at least read in bed so that I don't obsess more about this race.

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Brianero said...

Looking forward to the race report. The radar looks like a good blast of wet MIGHT hit in time for my 2:40 race. How sweet would that be?