Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Damn It

I wasn't able to eat dinner tonight until after nine and I ended eating half of a Domino's pepperoni pizza. It was a bad day all the way around. Got nothing done. Kids were not cooperative. And do to circumstances not entirely my fault, Ryan ended up playing on the wrong soccer team tonight.

Yeah, that one needs some explanation. First of all, the league decided that all teams would all have the same color jersey. Freaking brilliant move. I am sure that it save like 50 cents per child to bulk order all blue jersey instead of jerseys of different colors for each team. Then teams get these "penny" jerseys to put on over the regular jersey. The penny jerseys are sleeveless mesh things that do come in different colors.

What ends up happening is that each team practices for 30 minutes and then has a game for 30 minutes. For the game, each team splits in half and then plays half of the opposing team. The half of our team that stays on our "home" field (which measures out to be not much bigger than a half of a basketball court--totally ridiculous!) puts on their colored penny jerseys and the half that goes doesn't, they stay in blue. Ryan was on the half of the team that traveled to the opposing team. The color of the opposing team's penny jerseys? Freaking the exact shade of blue as every single child's jersey. What a cluster.

How Ryan started playing for the wrong team is simple--we couldn't find the correct team since there were approximately 16 teams in a field of blue. We started looking for players that we recognized. I also brought one of Ryan's two good friends, Evan. We found the other one, Reed, that we knew was on the team and I had Ryan and Evan start playing. We had it arranged so that all three of them--Reed, Evan, and my boy Ryan--would be on the same team. I just assumed that Ryan's friend's mom had done due diligence in looking for the correct team. Umm, not so much.

So if this were not bad enough, tonight on the first night of the season they also took pictures. So now, there are three boys that are in a picture with the wrong team. Sweet. But at least they are in the pictures together, which is all they will care about in the future.

Still, I have had a couple of screwed up days off. Worthless. No riding and eatin' crap.

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