Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I went to ride with Brianero this evening. Got out there and found I had brought one of my shoes and then my wife's road shoe. Awesome. I felt like a total dork. I blame my wife. I don't know how it is her fault, but I can't be mine...right?

Instead, after shooting the bull with Brian, I went and took a look at the Cernitz. It was my first time laying hands on it. Awesome. It is coming in a little heavier than either Neil or I thought, but it should spot on with regard to what I wanted. I took pictures but I promised I would not post them. Neil kept making excuses for the frame and its unfinished condition and pointing out what still had to be done. But, I was very impressed. I think it is going to be stellar. We also figured out what is going to be done with the Mule cross/commuter frame. Nova sent the wrong chainstays, mtb s-bend stays. But they look so sweet that we are going to use them. Now I just have to reorder some seatstays to match. Luckily they are pretty cheap.

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