Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting Closer

190.0 lbs this morning.

In August I was at or near 200 lbs except for the time immediately after the morning dregs. I feel pretty good about this. It is been a fairly steady decline and I need to continue the downward trend. 185 lbs. was the goal when I set out to get ready for cross, but I am thinking that the long term goal is to get to under 180. That will require some new clothes probably which I don't have the money for, but I will cross that bridge later.

For reference, I was very briefly at 187.4 for a day or two last fall. I spent about a month at 188 to 189 before gradually going back up to 200. Still, while my weight yo-yos a bit, it has continually yo-yo'd downward. I lose 15 or so and then gain back 5 to 10. I lose another 15 or so and gain back 5 to has been this way for about 5 years. I just need to make sure the swing down keeps following this pattern.


I am heading to Black Butte for a couple of days this week to take care of a couple of things. I am going without the family so I think I will also try and get my Vittoria XM tubulars glued on my trustworthy Neuvation C50 carbons wheels while I am down there. Or at least started on them.

The Ksyrium/Hutchinson Bulldog tubeless setup still is holding air. Seems like it will be a great set up despite having no glue involved.

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