Thursday, September 25, 2008

Veloshop Cross Race

A change of plans has occurred. I was going to go on a group ride on Saturday. Since it was called off, I am heading down to the Veloshop Rickreall Rampage down around Salem. I am going primarily because of the following lines that were in an email I received about the race: "...the course is largely flat..." and "There will be handmade tamales for sale..."

This SoCal-raised boy can pound tamales. And with the course on the flatter side I can probably afford to eat some tamales before and after my race and not have it hurt too bad...right?

Also while cruising the Richard Sachs Cross blog I found a pic of some interesting cross brakes:

I don't know whether these will work any better than what is out there but I am sure that they will be super light. Ciamillo Components, who also make the Zero Gravity brakes are going to be making this little bit of candy apparently named the Gravity Cross. Interesting. But can they be much lighter or stop much better than the $22 Tektro cr720's? After riding a couple of bikes that came into the store with those cheapo Tektro brakes I admit being impressed.


Brianero said...

Ha ha! You're just like me. I'm more excited about the tamales and a taco truck than the actual race itself. Boo yah!

Mr. Flynn said...

Well, yeah...

Race = immediate pain

Tacos = postponed pain