Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cross Season Approacheth

First of all, our little boy has been pretty good so far. Sleeps a decent amount and when he is awake the only reason he cries, at least for the most part, is when his diaper is being changed. Still the day is busier for me. Bridget more or less stays at home and I get Ryan to the bus stop and then take Jack to preschool and then get them both when the time comes. And then I get myself to work. This doesn't give me enough time to ride to work or really even get in a ride. So in the short term I will be running a bunch more.

Running is not really so bad. Boring. Slow. Painful at times. But really other than that it is great.

I am pretty excited about the first cross race of the year, the Pain on the Peak race on Saturday. It is awesome that there is actually a cross race on Saturday near Portland.

I will be racing in the Master C category and I have high hopes. I am embarrassed to say that I am hoping for a top 1/4 finish. I am embarrassed because for some it is sort of a wussy goal. I am not aiming to win or anything like that, just get in the top 1/4. I figure that is a good goal though since last year I was lucky to get in the top 3/4 or top 2/3 or the Master C field. But I am lighter, fitter (hopefully I still am after not doing many hard rides lately) and I am going to be racing on tubulars for the first time ever.

If I am still way back in the pack I may just can the whole season. Seriously, this is a do or die race for me. It will set the tone for just how hard I want to try to train for the next few weeks/months. With the newborn it will be a sacrifice for everyone to train a great deal. Plus, I am going to have to put some serious hours in starting Christmas time for my next half ironman tri. No matter how crappy I do I will still get out there and race, I am just not going to go nuts about it if I don't see a big improvement over the past years. Hell, 18-20 lbs lighter and I should be faster. Anyway, whatever will be, will be.

You know before Colin was born I had some pretty good ideas for posts. No after his birth I can't remember one of them. I will say this though, the bacon at St Vincents Hospital Cafeteria is good. Really good. And I ate a lot of it while Bridget was there over the weekend for Colin's birth. I am sitting at 190-191, but I don't feel bad. I will run a bunch and get rid of the extra weight. I haven't had bacon in, like,....well I don't remember the last time I had it. Salty, fatty goodness.

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