Thursday, September 4, 2008

This One is for You, Moron in the White Toyota

To the jerk that told me that I was doing something illegal by turning left from the left turn lane at the corner of Barnes Road and Cedar Hills Blvd: Here is proof that you are not only a moron, but you were wrong as well.

You thought I deserved a ticket for my actions. Instead you showed that old white men in old Japanese cars can not only be jerks, but flat out wrong. Next time you go calling me or another cyclist this and that, interspersing F-bombs into your irrational monologue aimed at me and all of us "f-ing p---- bicyclists," try to get your it right. You were never going to win me over with all of your expletives to your side of the argument. I told you we should call the police right then and there but all you did was continue to berate me and give me the finger. Nice...staying classy all the way.

As the second snip states, bicycles are in fact vehicles. I have all the rights and duties that you and every other vehicle has on the road for the most part. There are some laws that are particular to bicyclists and I must obey those. In fact, I even signaled with my left arm appropriately to get over to the left turn lane (which I included in the first snip). But no, you thought that I had to stay in the bike lane, then go to the next corner of the intersection and wait again for the signal as if I was a pedestrian. Umm, no. That is not correct.

You basically accused me of an improper use of lanes, which is described in ORS 814.430, which is shown in the last of the three snips above. You are correct that I must stay as far to the right as is safe, but there are exceptions. One of them is for a LEFT TURN, which as you noted is what I was doing. You sir, who ever you are, have earned my first ever RCMT Asshat Award. If you would just let me know you name an address I will get this Asshat, pictured below, right to you. I would also send you the ass, but I see that you have that one covered.

It is one thing to have a disagreement, but it is another to come at a stranger on a bike who could have--even with his shaved legs--kicked you tail from here any bike lane of your choosing no matter how many f-bombs you used. It is a good thing I am peaceful at heart and that you were going straight instead of also turning left. And it really is too bad you didn't take me up on my offer to call the cops. That would have been awesome. You yelled it was too bad that the cops didn't hand out more tickets, but in reality it is too bad you are just so rude and ill-informed.

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