Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Despite yesterday's rant...

I still want carbon wheels. Thinking of trying some "disposable" carbon wheels, the Neuvation C50's.

Cheap and if worse comes to worse I am out a couple of hundred bucks for rim repacement. But they could also double as a TT wheelset in next spring.

More info later. I obsessed way too much yesterday about it to do the same today. Not sure what I am going to do, but I am spending the morning networking and looking for a job instead of a long blog entry or prolonging the cyclocross wheel obsession.

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Thomas F. Anglero said...

Hi Mr. Flyn,

Neuvation just updated their website this afternoon and dropped the prices on the SL, I don't recall which ones.

He changed the tex on the website on the top to explain what he is now offering and that its the cheapest prices he has ever offered them for.

Good luck with your new purchase, it's probably too tempting to say NO now :)

Thomas A.