Friday, September 12, 2008

24 Hours until the First Cross Race of the Season!

Pain on the Peak is tomorrow. I have heard all sorts of rumors regarding the course. Some say it will suck (as in very hard with lots of running) other have said that they have heard that the course will be on the technical side but great. Regardless, it will be fun to get out there and pedal at a redline sort of effort for 45 minutes or so.


1) Participation will be good, though not probably what the Cross Crusade series draws. I don't know how it could draw that many. The Cross Crusade is 800 pound gorilla around here for cyclocross and many don't even know that there are other cyclocross races other than in that series. I hope it is good enough for this race to continue, I think that the promoters have worked hard and they have a pretty good selection of prizes and support from other cycling companies. It ought to be a good time. At least I hope so.

2) I will finish 10th. Hopefully this is 10th out of 40 or more riders and not out of 15.

3) Brian Spears will crash and find the final spot on his knees that has not been bloodied during the past few weeks and rip it to shreds. Geesh that is a negative prediction, but the guy seems to have had a rash of wrecks recently and so it is actually the safest of predictions.

4) Joel, the manager of the Tualatin Performance Bike shop will not show up to race. This is despite having just built up a new cyclocross ride and claiming for a couple of weeks that he will be racing.

Anyway, the race ought to be fun. I hope it goes safely for everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Me again, the fellow looking into the Vision bars. I was thinking - would you take a check? And how does $65 for bar and levers sound? With a check I can do basically anytime this week, but if you prefer cash it should be a little longer for my bank situation to get in order.

Thanks and happy riding,