Monday, September 29, 2008

Free Agency

Now that I have managed to place in the top three of a race--albeit a race with limited competitors--I expected to have my email box overflowing with invitations to join this team or that. I also cleared out the messages from my phone so that I would have room for all the phone calls I expected to get begging for my services.

Well, it has been about 48 hours since the race and I have to report that I am just as popular as ever. So this evening I checked my phone first--no calls. Hmmm, maybe no one knew my number. Email check: Barack Obama and his team still want what money I have (geesh, give a guy 20 bucks to fight the Clintons and they never stop going to the well, however dry it may be). I have had about 6 emails from them in the past couple of days. I thought that maybe he was going to congratulate me after reading my blog...but no. also emailed me. Are they sponsoring a team now? no. They just wanted to let me know that someone during the past 6 months has done a search for my name. Someone from Oklahoma. I am thinking that it was a different person...

Ah! a cycling related email! From Bikeman, a web retailer. I know they have a team back east. Maybe they are starting one out here and want to lay a solid foundation with a 30 something up and coming racer sure to make a name for himself. I mean it makes sense to try and lock me up now before I really make it big. I open the email and it is just a confirmation that my Swiss Stop Rat Yellow Brake Pads and Stan's No Tubes juice are on the way. Well, at least they will be here for the race this weekend.

I also see that there is a bunch of OBRA chat in my inbox about WD-40 (someone wanted to use it for chain lube during the rainy months...umm, no don't do that), controlling heart rate during a race (I just try not to have a heart attack or pass out, figuring I am alright as long as it is still beating after a race), and some interesting discussion on tubular glue removal. Nothing even about ME. Weirdness.

I mean why aren't the offers to join a team just piling up? I am a Master C racer after all--on my way to Master B's if I keep this up. Going straight to the big time....right?

Well, after ample time to think about my racing future today, I guess I will remain an independent. I am going to hold out for the best offer and after this year's Cross Crusade I am sure that teams will be clamouring for my services.

Sure they will.

Nevertheless I am having a blast out there--at least once the race is over. I swear every race I want to quit after about 10 to 15 minutes.

Back to reality: Under the weather yesterday and today. Had no energy. I blame our virus hatcheries--Sons 1 and 2. Hopefully, I can get out tomorrow.

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