Thursday, September 18, 2008

Idol Thoughts

These thought are all the news I have to offer. No time to train today...again. Instead, I sit and think about cyclocross...often. This is my favorite time of year for cycling after all.

I was talking to a fellow about the Starcrossed race this weekend. He was actually bemoaning the fact that he was going to be called up to the front simply because he was one of the first ones to sign up. He felt like everyone was just going to run him over. I think he said something about tire tracks up his back.

Frankly I would love to be at the front of every race. I don't care how much faster everyone else it, the fact that I am at the front means that those who are actually the same speed as me, or maybe even a little faster, will not be able to pass me because of that initial gap that being at the front of the starting line provides.

In the past being at the front during the Cross Crusade races I believe has helped me to finish a good 10 places higher than being in the middle. So basically around 75th instead of 90th or so in the Master C's. You can see that this increased placement on my part is totally worth my being in the way of all of the guys that are faster than I am. I don't know what this fellow is worried about, being at the front when you are slower than most of the field is a sweet deal. Screw the guys who really deserve it.

Other thoughts:

Because I can't sleep tonight I did the following: an analysis of those guys that I beat during the Pain on the Peak race last weekend. I had an OK race, the dust really hurt and the broken saddle might have cost me a place or two. Nevertheless, I had a pretty good showing, at least for me anyway. I beat a couple of guys that I had never beaten before and I think that the weight loss this summer was actually beneficial. Obviously, one race doesn't prove anything, but hopefully this will be a continual trend this season--beating those who I have never beaten before.

Looking at that I guess don't know why I am even worried about carbon wheels. I am sloooowwwww. But when you consider that 3 years ago I think I was finishing in the bottom 10% of the beginner class you can see that at least there has been an upward trend.

Also, for anyone interested that reads this blog, I am selling my Curtlo SS 29er. A friend, Neil Cernitz, is going to be building me a lugged 29er singlespeed. I have ironed out a couple of things that I would like to change from this frame and I think it will make things work a bit better for me. I can't wait. Neil recently finished a frame for himself that reportedly is beautiful. He is thinking about displaying at the Oregon Handbuilt show in a month or so. I hope he does. This retired Boeing engineer has his ducks in a row, I feel lucky that he is willing to build a frame for me. Exciting stuff. He was going to build a cross from for me first, and he still will, but I decided that since my current ride fits so well and rides so smoothly it could wait until next season to be rested a bit (but not retired).

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