Friday, September 5, 2008

Kill the Creak

I love the way my Curtlo S3/OX Platinum Singlespeed 29er fits and the way it handles. It would seem to be the sort of bike that would allow me to ride brainlessly for many miles because I don't have to worry about shifting and the wear and tear associated with all those needless gears. I even recently installed a suspension fork because I was feeling a little old and stiff after some recent rides. In essence, the way it is step up now it will work me wear I want it--my legs and lungs--but not where I don't my neck, hands, shoulders because of a lack of front suspension. I have taken just one ride on the thing since I put the fork on. There was a creak that was so loud and consistent that it drove me to end the ride after just a 1/2 an hour. This has been going on for a while, even before I put the fork on. I thought I had it fixed twice before only to have it reappear, now worse than ever.

I have tried the following:

-Cleaned and lubed the Bushnell EBB

-Installed the EBB in different positions

-Installed a different set of cranks

-Installed a different rear wheel

-Installed different pedals

-Totally degreased and disassembled the Bushnell EBB and then reapplied grease in all the areas where metal contacts metal.

-Wrapped EBB in teflon tape

-Loctited the EBB

In fact I have done some of the above a couple of times and there is still no stopping the creak. All the above did was let me know that it could only be in the EBB area. Sometimes it is easier to get to creak than at other times, but nonetheless it is always there.

So I have ordered what I hope will be the fix:

If this doesn't do the trick I am afraid that this bike and I will have to part ways. I have done my due diligence. My little Crest Toothpaste Curtlo--you better like this new EBB or you and I are done. Either I kill the creak or the creak is going to kill our relationship.

The new Carver EBB with its nylon outer layer will be here in about a week. I have heard a couple of good things about it, and it makes sense, if what is making the noise is the interface between the EBB and the frame. Please, please, please work...

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