Saturday, June 28, 2008

When riding with DTP one thing is certain...

his bike will not be working well. Today he only had access to 5 of his rear cogs because his cable housing is fubar'd. I told him I had no mercy for him. It is not like it was running smoothly the last time we went out. We only rode for an hour--at least that was the riding time. It took longer than that.

Another point of amusement for me was the fact that riding up Springville Road in Forest Park he could go no faster than a guy walk up the dirt road. Now that is a sorry state of affairs. When they got up to the top the guy actually made an excuse for DTP, "Yeah, going up this hill a bike is just 30 lbs of dead weight, it must be hard work." Umm, no it is hard, but I promise you there is a mechanical advantage with the bike. But if you're out of shape because you never ride anymore and your finding switching gears on your bike nearly impossible there may be an issue.

Anyway, I am off to the glorious world of circle p.

UPDATE: approximately 10:30pm

I am tired. It was hot, work was mentally stupifying and todays rides took a lot out of me. I am just not used to the heat. 3 hours total of riding during three rides. Each one had about 1 hour of ride time. I rode hard this morning and this afternoon, and on the way home from work I just tried to go at a moderate pace. At the end there are some significant hills to get back home, but I just tried to take it easy. Anyway, I am pooped between the riding and running around the store all afternoon and evening.

If I continue doing these sorts of rides I really ought to be in great cyclocross shape and the weight should continue to drop. At least theoretically the weight should keep coming off...we'll see.

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