Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weight update

This is the post where I pat myself on the back and get to express my pride in my accomplishment and think about what could be. So if this bores you, I apologize. But it is not like I can go up to everyone and tell them "Hey I have lost 9 pounds in less than 3 weeks and I am riding faster than I have since I was a teenager." I mean that is what a blog is for after all half the time--bragging talking more about oneself than would ever be proper socially.

Well, yesterday's three one hour rides seem to have done the trick. I have touched the 195 pound area this morning, the scale read 195.8., and I feel great about that. Another 11 pounds and my BMI will be within the normal range for the first time in about 14 years. Bridget says that I am probably OK with losing just another 5 pounds or so. I think she thinks that getting down to 180 pounds is unnecessary. I don't know if I will go quite that low, but I would like to be under 185. My legs feel really strong though--at least early on (they felt dead last night climbing home) and frankly they are looking pretty freakin' good.

The lowest I have been in recent history was probably about a half a pound less a year and a half ago. But I am certain that I am quite a bit faster now that I was then. That was mostly weight loss caused by regulating diet--I didn't have much time to exercise because of law school.

Yesterday I climbed up Springville Road from Leif Erikson to where it meets Firelane 7 in about 8 and a half minutes. Last fall it took me about 10 minutes or more to do the same section. So perhaps I might be able to race Master B's this fall in cross. Specifically race Master B's and not embarrass myself if I keep improving. Last year I raced Master C's and was finishing in between the 60th and 75th percentile. If I can finish in the top 1/3 of Master C's I will make the jump to Master B's. The reason is that there is not tons of difference between the two classes. The top of Master C's are a bunch of sandbaggers who should be racing Master B's anyway.

Anyway, the goal today is to not gain it all back and rest up a bit.

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Kristin said...

Brag all you want, that's awesome. I am also trying to drop a few pounds...although I seem to have gained 3 pounds after my 122 mile ride yesterday (?). That's what happens when you do a supported ride and there are rest stops stocked with food every 10 miles. :D