Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No longer a Clyde


Morning weight: 199.4 lbs.

For awhile about a year and half ago I was hovering around the 195-198lbs area. That didn't last as soon as I began my final semester of law school (the worst for me of all) and then studying for the bar exam during the summer. Still, I consider the fact that I kept it 208 and below to be a victory during that time.

While training for the Vikingman I pretty much gave a reasonable diet the finger. (Geesh, I think I lived on the Western Bacon Cheese Burger while working at Performance--Talk about FAT, that burger has it). Otherwise, I would have lost a good amount of weight over the past few months. The fact the weight is just kind of falling off--5 pounds in a week is probably a sign that my body is anxious to shed this crap that I carry around.

Here is a typical food intake for the day:

Low Fat generic Granola and skim milk. Probably a 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup total.

Salad with turkey or ham, low fat cheese, low fat dressing.

Snack of something like jerky, cheese stick, or celery with peanut butter

Dinner is whatever Bridget has on the table just in a smaller portion if it is a high calorie dish.

Dessert is often another bowl of low fat granola or perhaps another salad. Yeah, seriously that is dessert. Basically, late at night I usually get a craving and need to satisfy it in someway--not necessarily with something sweet either.

So, onward to the first goal of 190 lbs. I expect that getting to 195 won't be too bad, but getting below that will be a struggle.

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Mr. Flynn said...

I forgot to add that I drink a heck of a lot of diet soda during the day. Mostly caffeine free, but having something to sip on helps keep the hunger pains at bay.