Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2009 Ironman 70.3 California

I am signed up. It is official. Yeeeehaw. This triathlon things seems to be sticking.

I like the challenge that they provide, but I prefer cycling specifically. I am going to enjoy this summer's rides. I may do another tri a the end of august, but it won't be one that I stress about or do much training for. I mean I plan on riding a ton, and running and swimming occassionally, but I am just not going to let my life revolve around the Tri. Plus my wife is due to give birth around the time of that triathlon so if it doesn't work out--no biggie. I would like to get in a lot of miles this summer riding road and mountain. The tri's are going to take a back seat for a bit since I am going to be punishing myself this winter for that 70.3 in early April next year.


Stephanie said...

Wait...are you doing a full or half?

Mr. Flynn said...

half. NO WAY am I going to be doing a full one anytime soon.