Saturday, June 21, 2008

How to Make a Salad Unhealthy with Mostly Healthy Stuff.

I started out with a bag of salad that has about 10 calories per serving. I think there are 4 servings in the bag. I ate 3/4 of the bag: 30 Calories

Add some low fat provolone cheese: 2 slices = 100 cal. Total is 130 Calories

Add some sliced pressed smoked turkey: 2 slices = 60 calories. Total: 190 Cal.

Add 6 slices of low fat salami: 12 cal/slice = 72 cal. Total 262 Cal.

Decide that is not enough meat. Add 4 more slices of low fat salami: 48 cal. Total 310 calories.

Add salad dressing. Ken's low fat, low cal Italian (very good stuff by the way). It is a big salad so I used between 3 and 4 tablespoons of the stuff. 50 Cal/tablespoon. Total maybe 200 cal. Total 510 Calories.

Decide that this is just not quite hitting the spot. I crave SALTINESS! The friendliest of my enemies is what I go with, I bust open a bad of Hot and Spicy Pork Rinds. Each serving is 80 calories. Eat about 5 servings while eating the big salad. 400 cal. Total for my salad is 910 calories. Yikes! By the way, pork rinds are a good treat for me. The are fairly low in calories, salty (which I seem to be craving lately), and spicy (which I always like). They have no carbs, which I normally get too much of, and I don't normally need to eat more than a few to be satisfied; just not tonight for whatever reason. I could have pounded the whole bag for some reason. My stomach would have let me know about it later--which it is doing right now, by the way--but they usually act as a decent stand-in for french fries, chips or anything else that is more greasy and are the usual suspects to satisfy my craving for salty foods. Not the healthiest, but not too bad in comparison.

I had eaten about 1400 calories before that so a total of 2310 is not terrible. I did run too, which has to count for something.

I hate losing weight process, I do love the results though. My running is easier even losing the 7-8 pounds for the last couple of weeks. Yeah, losing weight is good. I usually feel guilty if I feel full after a meal. But feeling full feels sooo good.


Brianero said...

embrace gnawing ache
delicious fried hogfat treat
damn; breath short, pants snug

Mr. Flynn said...

Lapierre have I
alone in a box waiting
What pranks? I worry