Monday, June 9, 2008


Race report is two posts below, but here are some pics. I ordered a set so I don't feel bad copying them from the web to post here now.

It was so cold with the wind and the temp hovering near 40 degrees for the start of the bike. But I am a Cross Crusader right?!?! Heck yeah, I wasn't going to put on any jackets or arm warmers like some pansies out there. ;) I chose to show this pic because it hides my gut better (Time to start the diet again).

This pic is my fave. I actually look like I am in decent shape. And yeah I was rockin' the pink jersey. This was taken at about halfway through the run.


Kristin said...

Nice jersey ;) I was thinking about getting one, but after I spent 5 minutes making my mind, they were sold out. Dammit.

Great job on your tri, that sounds REALLY tough. The thought of going 12-14mph during a TT...ouch. I HATE wind, I am terrible in it. Not sure why, must be a mental block. That would make me insane though.

Sounds like you did really well! You should be proud!

Mr. Flynn said...

Yeah, I can't remember how many people that commented on how bad the bike part sucked while I was riding. At least 3 guys turned around to ride back to the start during the first long section into the head wind, they were done.

It was miserable, but I realized that my mind had started shutting out some of the discomfort. For example I hardly realized that my feet were numb from the cold. Weird, but good I suppose.

I am sure you would do fine. With your experiences riding and running long distances you would do great.