Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

It was a great Father's Day today. The kids were pretty good, there were steaks on the grill and family around. I like my wife's family so even that was a good thing.

Sundays are always a bit busy for us and so getting out to ride is usually difficult to do. Even today, Father's Day, I only got to get out for just over an hour. I decided to see how the legs were doing a little over a week after the Vikingman. Friday's singlespeed ride got me a bit worried about my climbing abilities and as a result I felt I needed another test. Not a big test, just a little test as I didn't have time to spend all day in the saddle.

I rode two loops that took me from home to Cedar Hills Blvd to Cornell then up to Skyline, south to Barnes/Burnside and then back to near the intersection of Cedar Hills Blvd and Cornell where I started the climb all over again. Below is the elevation profile for each lap--again, I did two laps of this profile.

Basically it was over 1600 feet of climbing during my 70 minute ride. I feel pretty good about that. Not that I am a hammer, but it isn't like it is the easiest ride to do during that time. The descents were a blast, too. I love it after I hit the top of Skyline and then drop down to where it meets Burnside/Barnes road. I caught up with some cars on my second lap.

I am ahead of where I was last year at this time. I better be after all of the training I did for the Vikingman. Also the weight loss is coming along. When I last brought it up I wrote that I weighed 201.6. That was an honest weight, but it was probably also the result of my not being able to eat much after having a tooth pulled. The next day I was back to 204 and change. This morning, after being pretty darn good about what I have been putting into my body (at least until tonight's holiday induced gluttony) I was back to 201.6. Tomorrow may be a bit higher after too much steak and some apple pie, but I am sure that the weight will continue its downward trend. For much of the past few months I was hovering between 205 and 207. With just these few pounds off I am feeling better. I can't wait until I get to the first weight goal of 190lbs. I would like to be there before my wife gives birth at the end of August/early September.

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