Friday, June 20, 2008

Caloric Intake, Another Elevation Profile, and my Lapierre

This morning I wake up and weigh myself. 198.4 lbs. Not too bad. I am feeling pretty good about things. Tonight we are going out to the Melting Pot to eat. I am not sure how bad I am going to gorge myself, but it could be ugly. I haven't been there before so I am not sure what to expect. Anyway, to compensate I am trying to be pretty good today. When I am home it is hard. Too much food laying around. Other than having a cookie it has not been too bad.

Food so far today after lunch:

*2 bowls of Special K cereal with fat free milk: 360 calories
*Can of albacore tuna in water (175 cal), tablespoon of light mayo (40 cal), 2 Wasa light Rye crackers (60 cal): 275 calories
*Beef Jerky: about 40 calories
* Wasa Bread cracker with Laughing Cow French Onion Flavor light soft swiss cheese: 65 Calories
* 4 Townhouse Crackers: 70 Calories
* 1 Pepperidge Farm Milano cookie: 70 Calories.

Total between lunch and dinner: 880 Calories.

The thing is I am still hungry. Or at least I am hungry because I am currently obsessing about trying to lose the weight ASAP. It is weird how I had virtually no motivation before Vikingman to lose weight, but now all of a sudden I am obsessed about it. Not sure why, but I am going to go with it. My track record over the past few years since I started losing weight is similar--I lose weigh about 10 to 15 pounds at a time and then level off for a while.

***Post Ride Update***
Today I rode around 1hr 40min. Below is the elevation profile for today's ride from the Map My Ride website(I am totally a geek for this--maybe it is time to buy a Garmin).

A couple good climbs--I think a good ride for the time I had. I definitely felt the last climb and my goal was to stay out of the granny--which I did, but dang it was close a couple of times. I burned 1740 calories according to my Polar watch. This means I can relax a bit when we go out to dinner tonight. But not too relaxed, I would really like to bust below 195 by the end of the month.

Also another note, I really love my Lapierre. I ride it mainly on the road, but it handles so well, and compared to the Fuji I can really feel the road. The carbon on the Fuji mutes the road much more than the scandium Lapierre. Even though it is a cross bike it feel very racy on the road. It was a lucky pick up for me. It is my jack-of-all-trades bike. It has been off-road, road, and my commuter bike. Freaking love this bike. The only downside is the Rival shifting. The SRAM shifters just take more effort than Shimano, especially the left shifter. I am used to it now, but if I had to complain about something that is all I cam come up with.

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