Thursday, June 12, 2008

Humity II: Swimming Class Evaluation and Video

Brian, my triathlon swim training instructor takes few short video of us a few weeks before the class is over and then at the end gives us an evaluation with the video on a disc. Below is what he had to say.

Body Position
Your body position is very nice

You have a strong kick, but when you breathe your legs kick wide.

Arm Stroke
Your stroke is fluid and natural. When you breathe you cross the centerline with your right arm. Work never letting your right hand cross to the left side of your body. As your arms exit the water do not throw the water behind you. You can see this in the first video.

Your breathing looks very comfortable

I think he was overly nice. I still think I look like an idiot. But since I am trying demolish my pride to become a more humble soul, I will continue to post these videos here. In the third video there are two other swimmers as well. The woman swims a 500 at 11:30 and the guy behind here swims it at over 12:00. As stated before I am now sub 10 (this is not prideful though, the faster of the swimmers in my class are a little over or under 9 minutes for a 500).


Kristin said...

Man, I want to swim again, I miss it. it's been about 4 months now, and I was actually getting pretty strong too. I just freaking hate the gym! Where to you swim? The closest 24hrfit is the downtown one for me, and that one is SCARY. I miss going to the Tualatin/Lake O one.

BTW, might go MTB'n on Sat to Siouxon Creek if yer interested in taking a break from TTs :)

Mr. Flynn said...

I have a class through the Tualatin Hills Park Rec. Dist. The class is at the Conestoga Aquatic Center west of Washington Square a few miles.

I have to work at noon on Saturday. So that probably won't work. I hope to go out tomorrow to Browns Camp though. Not sure of the time but you are welcome on that one.

Hopefully soon I will have a real job and my weekends will be mostly free. I am in the last stages for a gig downtown....had the just waiting.

Kristin said...

> just the waiting.

ugh. Well, I have the usual 9-5er, so if you get your downtown gig, i'm always up for a mtb ride. especially after elkhorn!!!

BTW--I worked in retail for a long time. I wouldn't say it's not a "real" job. Sometimes I miss it, especially when I've been holed up staring a computer for 10 hours without speaking to anyone or moving. :)

Mr. Flynn said...

maybe then just for a company/firm that I can get behind. "Circle P" is a joke in so many ways. Not the management at the store, but the way things are done at the higher levels. They do their best suck the fun out of the job.

It is a job, but I need a change. I can't afford to stay here much longer. Once the student loans go off deferment....well that will be painful if I am still working at the shop.