Monday, April 28, 2008

Training update 4/28

Last week was hell. We all ended up getting the flu here, but at different times. First me, then the boys and then Bridget. And through it all I never felt 100% back to normal even after the main part of the illness was gone. If I ate anything I felt nauseous for an hour or two. No energy for much of anything. I had planned on getting out Friday, but that was when Bridget was having her time kneeling before porcelain and so there was no way I could get out and leave her with the boys. Saturday was the same, I was lucky to get off to work. Yesterday was too busy for me to get out. So it was a nice week off of training after all was said and done. Whatever, it is not like I was expecting to win Vikingman or anything. However, I would like to not die. I don't think that is asking too much. At least I hope not. [SIDEBAR: Which brings to my mind something my lovely wife said last night while we were having some one-on-one time after the boys went to bed. She was trying to cheer me up after I was feeling down at having a law degree that cost 6 figures and then even passing the bar, but no job other than the bike shop. I get angry and frustrated and feel useless at times. But I was mostly over that and she was cuddling up to me and told me that she never wanted to be without me. Initially this is a very nice sentiment, but then I started thinking that maybe I was going to die or something. I mean why would she be worrying that I am going to go anywhere. Is there something she knows that I don't? I figure I have at least another 40 years here on this planet--I hope. Anyway, I am apparently a half empty sort of person right now.]

Today I planned on going to swim class and then running at the rec center. Yeah, that was the plan. Not going to happen after swim class this morning. That kicked my butt. This was the work out:

-9 50's @ 1:20

-7 50's @ 1:15

-5 50's @ 1:10

-3 50's @ 1:05

-1 50 @ 1:00

-100 yards no freestyle

-150 yards breast stroke

I did all the the 50's in under a minute regardless of the amount of total time we had for each length. Those last 50's were hard though. I felt like I wasn't getting enough air at the end. Still, I made all the times, that wasn't the case for the guy in my lane that is faster than me. We start the workout one at a time. there are 4 people swimming in circles in our lane. We start 10 seconds apart. I start 2nd because I was the second fastest in our lane after the last timed 500. There is another lane with another 4 or 5 people that are all faster than us. Basically we are the Jr. Varsity team in the class. When it got to the three 50's @ 1:05 our lane's fastest swimmer wasn't able to start on time. He had been doing his laps starting 10 seconds ahead of me as stated previously. When we were at the end of the swim he actually ended up delaying me by a couple of seconds because he was gasping for air and had been delaying his start to catch his breath. There others in my lane as well, and they didn't make all of the times starting at the five 1:10's and so they got lapped. I was the only one to keep the pace except for those couple of seconds I was held up. Nice.

Anyway, I still worry about the open water swim. I worry that I will freak and not have enough in the tank to swim for 25 - 30 minutes straight with no break. It actually kept me up for a bit last night worrying about it, I don't know why. Mainly, I guess I don't feel prepared.

But, if I can get these last 5 or so weeks in with some good long runs and rides I think I will be ok...or at least survive.


It seems like triathlons are the new chick sport. I can't tell you how many women are coming into the shop looking for their first road bike so they can do a triathlon. Probably 2 to 1 over men. Lots of moms and women 35+ it seems.

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