Sunday, April 13, 2008

And now I am back to running too!

I went out this morning (I am still up, so it is Saturday for me) and went running for 75 minutes. I went and ran around the neighborhood, which means that I ran up and down lots of hills. The only flat part was when I neared the end of my run and I did 5 laps at the outdoor track at a nearby school. By that time I was somewhat toasted. I was running 12 minute miles and my heart rate was still up in the 160's. Maybe I am still fighting a bit of the bug, or perhaps I didn't have much in the tank from the 50 miler the day before on the bike. Or maybe it was all of these hills around here. Many of those hills were fairly significant, and it was hard just to keep running without maxing my heart rate sometimes.

Regardless of the occasional coughing fit and drippy mucus, it was good to have gotten out. It was a gorgeous day. I added a little bit to yesterday's sunburn too today. It is all good.

I need to concentrate on my running, but my body doesn't really like running. My hip hurts afterwards usually, although not as bad as it used to, and my back gets stiff. This is another reason why I think that this may well be my only entry into a 70.3 tri. My body likes the shorter runs. At least right now. A year and a half ago running was great. So maybe it will all heal in time.

Sunday will be a rest day and Monday a return to swimming.

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