Friday, April 18, 2008

Off Topic: Linking etiquette

So there are some blogs that I like generally, even though I don't know the people writing them personally. I don't necessarily like everything on them, nor do I read them religiously. But I hesitate to link to them out of making my loyal readers think there is a some sort of total endorsement of the blog, or that I know the person that writes the blog. Not a big deal, but so far I have only linked to blogs of people that I know well and my family (who I sometimes wonder if I know at all).

On the otherhand, there is a friend from law school that has a blog. It is often funny and sometimes crude. I hesitate to link becuase frankly, I don't want to link to anything that I would be afraid to put on my own blog. And about 20% of it would be too foul for me to put here so it stays off. I have thought about posting a link with a content warning on it, but that seems cheesy.

But then, why bother putting up links to these other blogs anyway. Well, the main reason is it is a convenient platform for me personally to jump to the blogs that I like. So what if the rest of you don't like them, I do. Am I cooler for having a huge list of blogs on my own blog? Does it imply that I have lots of friends with cool things to say? Meh.

I admit I like having my blog link to, although it has only happened, well, never for this one. Our family's blog, which I am pretty much the sole author, has been linked by my family and a couple of friends. This blog is the black sheep I guess. However, I admit that I like writing this one more, becuase I can sort of say what I want about a subject that I often obsess over. I let this one be a bit more PG or PG-13 than the family blog which I try to keep G-rated.

I am not sure how many people read this blog. I know my wife does occassionally, and probably some of my siblings, Fish and Brian seem to be regulars as well. I think that is about it. So I guess the fact that I don't have any links is fine. I have an occasional comment from folks that must come upon it after a Google search for something that I have written about. I was glad that someone found my review about the Fuji Aloha CF2 and swapping it over from tri to road (here and here) and also to those I don't know that have written comments of support a couple of times. I like that sort of thing. Anyway, I welcome comments always as well as links to my little corner of the internet. I don't care if you know me or not.

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