Saturday, April 5, 2008


So I have it.


I had it for about 5 weeks last year right before the Spudman and the bar exam. It sucked. I had a cold and then it turned into Bronchitis the end of this week. I am not happy about it. So I am going to have to revamp my training for a bit. I am not sure how the swimming will go, but I will try to stick with it. I will have to back off the effort I put into my workouts until I get better. I refuse to stop training though. Last year I stopped and it didn't speed up the healing process at all.

So the plan is to drink a lot of water, sleep as much as possible and not overdue it. Man, I am bummed out though. Today I have experienced a lot of fatigue, which is usual early on I guess. Anyway, late winter and spring have historically been rough on me here in Oregon. Not sure why.


Brianero said...

You know Devin, I try to show you the way out of your infectious hell and you blow off my recommendations as the ravings of a lunatic. Well, bummer on being sick, bro.

Mr. Flynn said...

I couldn't find that mushroom based stuff. I was looking for it online the day after you first told me about it.

What was it again?

By the way I picked up some more sportlegs stuff. I do listen, but I don't frequent the hippie pharmacies that you do apparently.

At this point I am willing to try anything legal to get back on track.