Monday, April 28, 2008


Yes, I like misery, but I prefer it involve some rubber, metal, dirt and other people along side me to share the joy.

I am announcing that I am politicking for an invite to next year's RAWROD; a private event down around Moab, Utah. 100 miles in the desert around White Rim. In one day. Thus, Ride Around White Rim in One Day--RAWROD. I have heard about this for the past 3 years and I am sick of it. I want in. What do I have to do here--grease some palms for an invite or what? Unlike in politics, here it would not be any sort of ethical violation--so if that is what I gotta do, well OK then.


Fish said...

I'm not really the guy to talk to about that - I'm only a guest on this thing and Kenny has been pretty vigilant in trying to keep the numbers down to make the thing at least marginally manageable.

Mr. Flynn said...

Yep, I am fully aware of that. That is why I didn't out you here. And if you were the one to talk to I would be pissed if I weren't on the list. I realize your lack of pull in this endeavor. I just have to figure out a way to weasel my way in. Does he take bike parts as bribes? Donations to the charity of his choice? I just wish I actually knew him at all.

Maybe in it place you could round up some buddies and we could make ourselves sick riding a long section of the ridge trail this summer. I still don't have a job so it is not like I have anything else I have to do. I could send the bike out and fly out there sometime. I just haven't touched my mtb while I have been training for the Vikingman thing.