Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another Cold

I got out and rode finally today. I have had to take more time off from training because I got another cold. What is up with that. I will tell you the reason--kids. They are filled with disease I tell ya. My boys were sick and I caught it from them I am sure. Luckily it only lasted a few days. I felt horrible Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday I felt fine. I waited until today to do anything as to make sure I was really getting better before I resumed the training plan.

So today I got out on the Fuji and went from our place southwest to T.V. Highway, over to 185th, north to Cornell, meandered over to Thompson, and then up to Skyline, and then skyline to Cornell and eventually home again. It was around 20 miles. I think I hucked about a pint of snot and mucus during the ride though. I felt fine, but I still have some of the residual symptoms of the cold. I should have taken something beforehand to stem the flow from my nasal passages. Oh well, I spread my virus around the streets of Beaverton and West Hills area.

I am amazed at how well I am doing with my legs though at this stage of the year. I don't have a ton of miles yet under me, but I am not having too much difficulty with my gearing. Running a 39/53 combo up front and a SRAM 1070 cassette with a 11/26 range out back. When we first moved out here I was running a triple crankset. Then I sent to a compact. Then for some reason I wound up with a couple of standard cranksets. One is one the Fuji and the other is on the Curtlo cross. The Lapierre has the pansy compact set up on it. I prefer the standard for road riding.

Anyway, if weather permits tomorrow is going to be a solid day in the pain cave. 2 or 3 laps around Hagg Lake and then a 40 minute run. DTP is supposed to come with me. I hope to make him pop.

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