Friday, April 11, 2008

50 miles!

Today I went over 50 miles for the first time. I had gone into the upper 30's a few times but never even over 40 miles before. For roadies this might be embarrassing to say. But I have only been road biking for 5 years or so. The first few years it was really only for commuting. The rest of the time it was all about mountain biking, as it had been since the early 1990's. But my time in Portland has increased me appreciation for road biking. Also, with my entry into the world of triathlons, road biking has been more important. Last year, my longest event was an olympic distance triathlon so there was no reason to go on rides much longer than 25 to 30 miles. But since the Vikingman tri is a half-ironman, the bike portion is 56 miles. So today's ride didn't even get to that distance--we did 51 miles.

I am mostly over my illnesses thankfully. I only had a couple uncomfortable instances where I had a harsh coughing fit. And afterwards I didn't have a huge coughing fit either which is what I tend to have happen to me when I am in the midst of a bout of bronchitis. Basically, I am about 90% cured. I am very grateful. I was worried that it would stretch out for weeks.

Tomorrow I would like to go ride again since it is going to so nice, but I need to run for a good bit. I will probably try and get about 8 miles under me. I would love to do both, but I think it would tank me for the rest of the day. I have to work at noon, so I would be a little too toasted to put up with customers at the shop.

Anyway, I am pretty stoked about the day!

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Greg said...

Nice work, Mr. Flynn! Once you clip that five-zero off on your speedometer, the rest is easy. It gives you that appreciation for the TdF riders who are doing 120 milers per day for 21 days. Yikes.