Friday, April 18, 2008

DTP and his bike

DTP's bike is quite nice. At least on paper. If anyone needs a lesson in how not to treat a bike, look to him. His crank was starting to come off during out ride this morning so we cut it short. Both arms needed to be tightened over a full rotation, maybe two. His crank arm came off last year during a triathlon and he didn't finish the race. Plus his shifting, especially on the front derailleur is all other the place--including off the rings. When he is pedalling behind me I can hear a constant creaking from somewhere in his bike. When I don't hear it I know that he is lagging. If it were my bike I could not ride it. It would be torture to have a ride a bike that noisy and out of tune. Like nails on a chalkboard...

So he has the nicest POS I can think of. Dura Ace and Ultegra with a custom Curtlo steel frame and Easton EC90 SLX fork and Ritchey Protocol wheels. Nothing is more than 9-10 months old. It probably rode well for about two months of that time.

I feel sorry for the bike, not so much the rider.

At least DTP is out riding. We did have to cut short today's ride because of the crank arm issue, but other than that he will usually ride despite the crappy condition of his bike. He is good company for the most part and helps me by realizing that it could be worse--I could be on his bike. Thanks, man!

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