Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Swim Class: No Breaths

First off, here was today's work out.

200 yds, then take 30 seconds rest

250 yds, 30 seconds rest

300 yds, 30 seconds rest

300 yds, 15 seconds rest

200 yds.

10 lengths of 25 yds, no breaths

It was not a bad work out until the end. We were supposed to try and make it the length of the pool without breathing. This was supposed to help lengthen our strokes or something. I don't really think it was necessary or effective. Torture, yes. I usually had to breathe once or twice. On two occasions I made it the whole way without breathing. I admit I was stoked when I did it. But I had to destroy my normal form to do it. I basically swam like I was being chased by an alligator, a shark or something else horrible. My arms were windmilling as fast as I could go. As far as elongating my stroke--not so much. Speeding up my normal stroke--hell yeah. Effectiveness in helping me to train for the 70.3 tri--not so much.

The rest of the work out was great though. By not having to meet a specific time during each segment I was able to concentrate on my stroke and breathing. My pace was probably what I would like to be able to hold during the Vikingman. What that pace was, I have no idea. Well, it was probably around 1:00/100yds. I don't think I slowed down during any of the lengths. So I swam 1250 with a total of 1:45 rest. I need to go swim when there is no class and see how I do swimming 1500 yards or so straight without stopping.

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