Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Swim Workout / Schedule for the week

Today's swim workout was as follows:

Warm up
-Three 50's free
-One 50 no free (any stroke but freestyle)
Main workout
-Ten 50's @ 1:15
-Eight 50's @ 1:10
-Five 50's @ 1:05
-Three 50's @ 1:00
Cool Down
-Ten 25's with low stroke count. 5 seconds rest in between each 25.

I was swimming too fast at the beginning of the workout. 55 second 50's for the first ten 50's and probably most if not all of next set of eight 50's. Then the wheels started to come off. I have come to know when my doom is close when the pool temperature seems to rise to nearly the level of a hot tub. I didn't seem to be able to get enough air and the wall couldn't have come soon enough. Still, I was swimming each 50 during the set of five 50's at either a minute or better. Then we were at the last set of three 50's when I blew up trying to stay at the one minute pace. I did the first one under the time allotted, but the second one was a couple of ticks slower and then before the last 50 I had to stop and catch my breath. I was nauseated and a bit dizzy. I was overheated--basically my radiator cap blew. After that last lap I rested for a minute or two before starting the cool down portion of the workout.

Still, I have progressed--or at least he is working up harder judging by a previous blog post on a couple of weeks ago.

Training schedule for the rest of the week:

Tuesday: bike one hour
Wednesday: Swim class and run 45 minutes
Thursday: Day Off
Friday: Lap Swim 1 hour and Bike 3.5 hours
Saturday: Run 2 hours.
Sunday: Rest Day

Total time for the week: 9:45

Really there are just a bunch of easy days in preparation of two days of hell, Friday and Saturday. Friday I have off and Saturday I have to go to work after I run. If Bridget works on Saturday, the run will have to be on Sunday.

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