Thursday, May 29, 2008

Last One Hour Run Before Vikingman

Ran for an hour today. From here on out I am only running in 30 minute segments until Vikingman. I ran around our hilly neighborhood for about 35 minutes and then ran at the track at Catlin Gable School. I ran 2 miles at the track. The first I ran about the same pace I had been running during the run around the neighborhood and my time was 10:19. Then I ran a mile at a pace that put my heart rate in the mid to upper 160's to see what sort of time the effort would give me. My time was 9:11. This time was near the end of my hour run and so I feel pretty good about it and my ability to hold a decent pace. There is no way that I am going to be able to do either pace during the Vikingman, but I am pretty sure that a 12 minute mile pace is a good conservative estimate, assuming nothing goes horribly wrong.

Everyone tells me to relax about Vikingman. Bridget says my training has been great and that I should have no problem finishing. My swimming during class is great. My running is relatively painfree. The bike seems to be dialed. So I am going to do fine at the Vikingman. I am going to do fine at the Vikingman. I am going to do fine at the Vikingman......I will find an chalkboard and write this over and over a la Bart Simpson.


Kristin said...

Yay! good luck, and remember to have fun ;)

OT: You posted on my blog about cx bikes...have you ridden the Scattante cx bike before? A friend is selling his and I'm going to give it a test, thought you might have some experience with it.

Fish said...

9:11. Wow. I haven't run a mile that fast the entire year. You're going to kill me. If you average 10:00's, splitting the difference, you should be in under six hours comfortably even with your other conservative estimates.

Mr. Flynn said...

Kristin: Thanks!

Regarding the bike: The Scat rides nice. Surprisingly so. It might be a good fit for you if the frame size is correct. My only issue with the frame was that in the frame size that felt best for me there was a toe overlap issue. If not for that I would probably have picked up a frame set since I can EP one pretty cheap. The frame weighs around 3.7 lbs, maybe less for you and the size you would ride. If the price is right I don't think you will be sorry regarding the quality of the ride.

Fish: I won't be averaging 10:00's. I can hold that pace for an hour but not much more. 11:00 miles is what I can do without too much pain for 2 hours or more. I figure that when I factor my probable cramping issues immediatly after the bike and fatigue from the swim and bike 12:00 miles seems likely. And I will be just fine with that pace.