Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Swim Class: Technique Workouts

I love them, usually. I am getting good enough that they don't confuse me and feel like an idiot in the water. Early on I felt totally uncoordinated when doing these sometimes odd things in the water. Usually the technique exercises involve fins. Sometimes it is just finding neutral body positions. Other times we turn from side to side without using our arms. And often we have to stroke with just one arm and then turn on our side, repeated over and over again switching arms each length. There are others we do as well, and some are difficult to describe. Anyway, it is a nice break from our usual workouts. For the last 10 minutes or so of class we did 6 50's @ 1:10 including rest and then 2 100's at 2:20 including rest. I did the 50's in 55 seconds and the 100's in 1:55.

29ER Proselytizing

A friend of ours was interested in a going singlespeed. I talked him into trying a 29er. Actually I didn't have to try that hard. He seemed pretty excited. The shop let me borrow a GT Peace 9r and he is giving it a spin.

His wife would rather he buys a road bike to ride with her, but he seems to have little interest in road bikes. When she first heard he wanted to buy a bike she was all excited that they would be able to bike together while she trains for tri's. When he said it was a mountain bike she was totally deflated. She wasn't really excited about him getting a mountain bike, and he responded by saying, "So I am supposed to support you when you are spending a $1000 on a road bike and you won't support me when I want to buy a $300-$400 mountain bike?"

She responded, "Yes!"

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