Monday, May 5, 2008

Lance is a swell guy no matter what the French say

A friend of some friends of mine is having a rough go right now. He is known on the web as the Fat Cyclist. Check out a recent post here. Lance Armstrong sent him a photo message that he posted on his blog. He is a good guy regardless of what the cycling world says (and forgetting that he had a lapse of reason when he was with one of the Olsen twins)

The blog over the past few days has been mostly about his wife's cancer. Fight on Susan! We all know people that have been affected by cancer and other similar illnesses. Please do what you can to help others fight the battles that are going on out there.

My sister has a daughter with Tuberous Sclerosis and her husband is a carrier. He has had about had to have one kidney removed and part of another because of it.

There are lots of good causes out there. Try to find one.

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