Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tired/Rescheduling Workouts

I am just tired. Not sure what the deal is.

Anyway, due to things beyond my control I have to adjust my schedule this week so that I can still fit in the long run and the long bike ride on consecutive days.

Yesterday I did a short run instead my hour bike ride. Today I am not going to ride in an effort to rest for a 2 hour run before work tomorrow, which is why I only ran for a little more than 30 minutes yesterday. It ought to suck. Hopefully not, but I am feeling negative today. Friday is still a 1 hour swim and then a 3.5 hour bike ride. Saturday will be a rest day and Sunday just a short run again.

Also, the new Triathlete magazine does have an article about chocolate milk being a very good recovery drink. Oh Yeah!

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Fish said...

I similar study for chocolate milk was in Velo News a few years ago.

I hear you about the fatigue. I've been getting killed here at work and will be doing well to get in all my long workouts. Last week I didn't get in a long swim.